April 28, 2016



Saunders Group staff are engineers and specialists with experience from all over the world, including in Brazil, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, Armenia and Georgia. With such a wide base of experience, Saunders Group can combine Western practices in developing countries with the best results.

Agricultural Infrastructure

Saunders Group is partnered with Georgian Water Project and together are able to perform any kind of urban or agricultural water, sewerage or storm-water consulting services.

Regional Infrastructure

Saunders Group have specialist engineers in the fields of bridges, roads, tunnels, rail and the associated administrative support with it to cope with management of the largest infrastructure projects in the Caucasus region.

Urban & Public Transport Planning


Saunders Group is an independent consulting company, which offers the following technical and engineering consulting services:

  • Urban and agricultural infrastructure
    • water and wastewater systems, farm engineering and infrastructure
  • Regional infrastructure
    • road, rail, pipelines – construction and design management and supervision
  • Urban and transport planning
    • masterplanning and public transport planning using new energy efficiency principles
  • Construction and Architecture
    • design, planning and construction management with financial oversight
  • Water supply and Sanitation
    • Feasibility, design, planning and construction management, supervision with financial oversight

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