Story: Student intern.

A writing from summer intern student 2013…

Saunders Group was my first employer. I started work within the 21 cities water supply systems rehabilitation project under Joint Venture with ILF and GWP. At first, me and two my university classmates had 3 month internship. Our task was to help to the FIDIC engineers for the communication with contractors and to learn how works being on the construction sites. I was on Lagodekhi and Sartichala sites several times. Sometimes I stayed in the office and helped some of the office staff. In the office my task was to upload documents on SharePoint, to translate some reports or letters, to help Project director comparing the cost-estimates and etc. At the end of the internship, we were handed the certificates. Then I became one of the office staff and started work here part time, while studying at university.

Water supply systems rehabilitation project is so great project. It’s ordered by Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF) and financed by European Investment Bank (EIB). It includes rehabilitation of reservoirs, pumping stations, chlorination stations and pipelines in various cities of Georgia. In addition, if necessary new buildings and networks are being built. FIDIC Engineers are so consecutive and accurate. They fix problems and prepare reports for the end of every week, month and quarter for providing to Employer.

There are so many things, what I have learnt here, but the most important thing, what this project helped me for, is improving of engineering terminology.

I had not any difficulty here, which would be insuperable. I had the opportunity to work with good team, where each of the members helps with each other.

I respect every engineer, who I have worked with. Some are so organized, accurate and laconic, others are so friendly, attentive and cheerful, and others are refined, courteous and focused people.

I would like to be involved in field of water resources engineer, structural engineer or transportation engineer.

My advice to young people thinking about career in engineering is that if you have little interest of this field, you should try. Nowadays it’s so prospective, especially in Georgia. We have little number of specialists, who have relevant knowledge and qualification. So if you choose engineering profession, you will have a wide range of work.